Monday, 19 November 2012

Ethics of Climate Change

Dr. Donald A Brown  of Rock Ethics Institute of U Penn is discussing "Disinformation Campaign: Is This A New Kind of Assault on Humanity?" in this article. 

I totally agree with him as he states in the opening paragraphs that, before being anything, before being political or policy issue taken alone on the scientific consensus, primarily Climate Change is ethical issue.

It's Ironical and I don't know how to put the point across. Western civilizations that are supposed to be champions of ethics and free, just and equitable rights and society have always been so at their own comfort and at the cost of exploiting poor and indefensible, otherwise they are just like anyone else; vile and deceitful! 

One just had to look at the British Empire. When they were exploiting poor and weak all over the world, they themselves lived in moral world and talked and discovered philosophy, political ideologies and art. Even Americans became what they are and what they have today after systematic decimation and marginalization of native Indians, and later by going the way of Empire, that is creating sweatshop all across the world to have cheaper goods.

One can not expect just and agreeable action from that society, they will do everything to maintain what they have got after so much exploitation of others. They will do it all over again before they agree to take care of historical emission and being responsible for putting the biosphere in mess in the first place.

In the line of blood diamonds and blood minerals we should term the existing carbon stock in atmosphere as Blood Carbon!

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